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DECA has a proven record of executing dynamic partnerships with a wide variety of businesses, foundations, associations, colleges and universities. DECA’s partnerships are based on shared missions, identified goals and clearly defined deliverables. Together, DECA’s business partners are recognized as our National Advisory Board (NAB). Our NAB partnerships enhance the classroom experience by providing “real world” application to learning. In exchange, the NAB partners gain access to a network of 5,800 classrooms and nearly 225,000 high school and college students who are working to prepare themselves to be leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

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DECA provides access to a pipeline of students and teachers with highly focused college and career interests.

DECA is recognized as a highly effective resource for educators that comprises a network of nearly 225,000 high school and college members in 3,900 schools through 5,800 teacher advisors.

DECA is a proven leader in building business and education partnerships.

Our business partners include corporations, associations, foundations and colleges, all of whom share our interest in providing students with real-world experiences that challenge them to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. Many of our most active business partners have been members of our National Advisory Board for decades.

DECA is a respected partner of all 50 U.S. Departments of Education and nationally recognized as a Career and Technical Student Organization.

Career and Technical Student Organizations are considered integral to the Career and Technical Education curriculum and provide special status and access to schools and students.

DECA’s programs continue to evolve as effective methods for supporting educational initiatives.

DECA is internationally known for our use of cutting-edge technology, social media and competitions to design and implement student activities that explore careers while developing and assessing 21st Century Skills.


Every day we see the difference DECA has on the lives of our members. Together, with your gift, we can continue preparing emerging leaders. No matter how big or small, every gift supports our student programs and scholarship recipients while developing our members for college and career success.