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DECA International Career Development Conference

The DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) is the culmination of the DECA year. More than 23,000 high school students, teacher-advisors, business professionals and alumni gather for several days of DECA excitement.

April 27-30, 2024
Anaheim, CA


Competitive Events

More than 10,000 DECA members demonstrate their college and career knowledge and skills by participating in DECA’s Competitive Events Program. They are finalists from their chartered associations hoping to be named an international champion.

Emerging Leader Series

Thousands of members participate in DECA’s Emerging Leader Series to attain 21st Century Skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

College + Career Exhibits

Searching for the perfect institution to start your post-secondary studies? Want to discuss career opportunities? Looking to expand the product line for your school-based enterprise? More than 100 exhibits will be waiting!

And Much More!

From the School-based Enterprise Academy to Executive Officer Campaigns to Advisor Professional Learning, DECA’s ICDC brings together the best of the best to culminate a successful DECA academic year.

Classroom Connection

Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

DECA’s International Career Development Conference supports key educational initiatives.

  • Career Clusters
  • National Curriculum Standards
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Project-based Learning
  • Personal Financial Literacy


Advisor Professional Learning

  • This Is How DECA's Competitive Events Connect to Curriculum
  • This Is How We Develop a Chapter Strategy
  • This Is How We Connect to Business
  • This Is How We Empower Chapter Leader Teams
  • This Is How We Create a Chapter Brand
  • Competitive Events Update


Key Information

Get ready to immerse yourself in this educational experience! The information below will guide you through the registration process.


Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802

Registration Deadline

March 22, 2024

Registration Process

  • Chapter advisors must submit conference registration and housing for DECA’s International Career Development Conference to their chartered association advisor based on the chartered association’s eligibility criteria and attendance policies.
  • Payment for conference registration and housing is sent to the chartered association.
  • Each chartered association sets its own deadline. The chartered association then officially submits its delegation’s conference registration and housing to DECA Inc. and the assigned hotel by March 22.

Registration Tips

  • Registration is $100 per attendee (student member, advisor, chaperone) if registered by the chartered association before March 22 and paid before April 15. Registration is $105 per attendee if registered by the chartered association after March 22 and/or paid after April 15.
  • Spouse and family members must pay the $105 per attendee fee, regardless of registration date
  • The registration fee applies to student members, advisors, chaperones and spouse/family members.
  • Chartered associations may assess additional fees for administrative costs or additional services.
  • All student members must be DECA Inc. members on an official roster and meet the attendance criteria in the official registration guide for ICDC.
  • At the conference, chapter advisors will register with their chartered association at their assigned hotel
  • Housing reservations for DECA’s International Career Development Conference are made by the chapter advisor with the chartered association advisor, who then submits the housing reservations to the chartered association's assigned hotel.
  • All attendees must stay in the official DECA property assigned to the chartered association delegation in order to participate in DECA’s International Career Development Conference.
  • All attendees must be a registered guest each night of the conference in his or her assigned DECA hotel, for a minimum of four nights, beginning with the night of the opening session.


Get Involved

Each of DECA’s educational conferences has unique opportunities to engage our volunteers and partners. Learn how you can connect and engage with DECA members and advisors.

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Key Contacts

If you need more information, please reach out to our key conference contacts.

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Future Dates

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