Our Impact

DECA's strategic drivers identified by the DECA Inc. Board of Directors guide the collaboration of staff and stakeholders in delivering the premier organization to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

The 2022-2023 school year was marked by impressive membership, fully returning to pre-pandemic levels. DECA prioritized the member experience through impactful educational conferences and expanded resources while bolstering advisor support. Innovations like a revamped DECA.org and expanded partnership outreach propelled DECA forward, solidifying a year of substantial growth while strategically positioning the organization for both the short-term and long-term.

The school year ended with the strongest high school division membership numbers in the organization’s history and unwavering support from our partner organizations. Impressive membership and conference attendance reinforced the power of DECA’s core programs and philosophies.

DECA is well-positioned to enter a new era of chapter recruitment, membership development, enhanced educational programs, increased member value and opportunities to forge new partnerships. With the support of our board of directors, talented staff, dedicated advisors, enthusiastic members and generous partners, DECA will continue to be the premier career and technical student organization for business, marketing, finance, hospitality and entrepreneurship.


Dynamic Impact on College + Career Success

Our diverse, highly-motivated DECA members report that their participation in DECA has a direct positive effect on their preparation for college and careers.

of DECA members report they gained skills in problem solving.
of DECA members report they learned how to communicate thoughts and ideas.
of DECA members report they learned how to work as part of a team.
of DECA members report they gained skills to improve personal and professional behavior.
of DECA members report that DECA has influenced their career plans.
of DECA members report that DECA has influenced their college plans.
of DECA members report that participation in DECA prepared them academically for college and a career.
of DECA members have an increased desire to own a business.
of DECA members report that DECA experiences empowered them to become an effective leader.
of DECA members report that DECA experiences connected school to the real world for them.
of DECA members recognized the benefit and responsibility of community service.
of DECA members report they are more interested in attending school.


Engaging Our Members

Providing relevant educational experiences for our members.


Supporting Our Advisors

Providing our advisors with resources to make their classrooms thrive.


Championing Our Chapters

Developing the longevity of our membership by creating a chapter-centric culture.


Strengthening Our Chartered Associations

Providing training and support to our key association leaders.


Propelling Our Organization Forward

Enhancing talent, technology and communication to support every dimension of DECA.


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