PREPARE for your future

Strive to become an ambitious, high-achieving leader equipped to conquer the challenges of your aspirations.


Experience the Difference

DECA is more than competitions, blazers and medallions. Joining DECA is the first step you can take towards achieving your goals and realizing your greatest potential. Your membership in DECA provides you the opportunity to participate in DECA’s high school programs at the local, chartered association and international levels.


Earn the DECA Glass

Put your classroom learning to the test by participating in DECA’s Competitive Events Program. Choose a competitive event that best fits your career interest and skills. Demonstrate your knowledge of important career content, as well as your creativity, problem solving and presentation skills to a business professional. The potential to earn travel opportunities, recognition, scholarships and even DECA Glass for learning classroom content makes it all that more motivating. With a combination of nearly 60 role-play, prepared and online events, DECA offers a competitive event for every course and every member.

Business Management and Administration
Hospitality and Tourism
Personal Financial Literacy

Develop 21st Century Skills

Become an Emerging Leader

Learn how to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation, while demonstrating critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, and creativity and innovation.

Real-World APplication

Prepare for Your Future Career

Enhance your career knowledge and skills by putting them into action through rigorous project-based activities that require creative solutions with practical outcomes. Become a poised professional with ethics, integrity and high standards.

Educational Conferences

Discover New Places as an Emerging Leader

Extend your learning beyond the classroom while experiencing business travel as you attend educational conferences and events. Explore the business, culture and lifestyle of the host cities while making lifelong memories.


Join DECA Today!

Ready to begin this amazing experience? Contact the DECA advisor at your high school to learn how to join your school's DECA chapter.