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Together, we can help prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for college and careers.


Your Partner in Preparing Emerging Leaders

DECA is the ideal partner in developing educational programs, drawing upon our experience in engaging teachers and students in career development by building community and business partnerships and linking together high schools, colleges and employers. Throughout our more than 75-year history, our partnerships have been based on shared missions, identified goals and clearly defined deliverables.

DECA Partners

In Good Company

DECA’s partners include corporations, foundations, associations and colleges and universities that seek to support the development of leaders and entrepreneurs that will be successful in a global economy. These will be their companies’ future employees and leaders, their associations’ members and staff and become responsible community leaders. By becoming a DECA partner, you'll be in good company with some of the most recognized and well-respected brands.


Prepare Members for College + Careers

DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program offers exciting opportunities for classroom activities that connect classroom instruction to college and careers. Our partners can engage in opportunities like those below to help prepare members for college and careers and developing the workforce of tomorrow.


Promote Your Brand + Message

Collaborate with DECA to create an integrated communications strategy for your company or organization. Promote your product(s) to an influential teen market with discretionary, spendable income. Recruit academically prepared students to your college, university, academic program or company. Advertise your fundraising opportunities and products. DECA’s omni-channel, integrated marketing and communications strategy delivers results.


The Ultimate Partner in Achieving Mutual Goals and Driving Results

DECA has a proven record of executing dynamic partnerships with a wide variety of businesses, foundations, associations, colleges and universities. DECA’s partnerships are based on shared missions, identified goals and clearly defined deliverables. DECA is a proven leader and established steward of resources.

Preparing the workforce for tomorrow.

DECA’s mission of preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management will provide career-ready employees for the talent pipeline. DECA’s cutting-edge programs provide students the opportunity to learn academic content, apply learning to develop technical skills and obtain 21st Century Skills.

Delivering programs to classrooms nationwide and beyond.

With most DECA advisors serving as certified educators, DECA programs are delivered directly in the classroom through instruction and applied learning. Partners look to DECA for this direct access to classrooms that span coast to coast on a national scope, including a handful of countries and territories.

Respected partner in all 50 U.S. departments of education.

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are considered integral to the Career and Technical Education curriculum and provide special status and access to schools and students. DECA is one of nine recognized CTSOs. DECA also provides extensive professional learning opportunities for its DECA advisors to best integrate DECA into the classroom.

Experienced manager and collaborator.

Our greatest strength is our ability and willingness to work with our partners to design a partnership that serves both of our missions. DECA has managed hundreds of programs, projects, partnerships and grants totaling more than 40 million dollars over the last 25 years. DECA leverages its resources to ensure it maximizes the investment of funds in program and service delivery.


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