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This Month with DECA

DECA curates three big ideas each month for DECA chapters and advisors.

Reflect on Your Year

One great element of teaching is that each year you get a fresh start with a new group of students, new challenges and new opportunities. However, to grow and perfect, you have to reflect on lessons learned and successes experienced so you can enhance your teaching going forward. Areas of reflection may include classroom management, organization, curriculum and instruction, evaluation, how to integrate DECA, working relationships with students, parents and colleagues, what caused stress and what caused inspiration, and what you consider your greatest accomplishments.

Revisit Your Philosophy

Refer to your philosophy developed at the beginning of the year. Has it changed? Does it reflect your beliefs about the importance of teaching and learning after year one? Does your philosophy of teaching still allow you to easily articulate your beliefs and expectations for learning to others? Does it reflect your current thoughts on DECA? Take this moment to think through your philosophy, and revise it as necessary. Your philosophy will no doubt be a living document as you continue to learn and grow as a DECA advisor and teacher.

Set Goals for the Upcoming Year

After your reflections and now with this year behind you, identify areas that will be of importance during the upcoming academic year. Those areas may be completely different from the areas you focused on this year, or they may be revisiting a select few to enhance or improve upon them. Make sure you have a balance of goals for your teaching and instruction, your DECA chapter and yourself as a professional.


Advisor Scholarships

DECA’s corporate partners offer professional development scholarships to advisors for use at DECA AMPED or other professional development conferences providing continuing education credit (CEU) in their field.


Role-plays. Performance Indicators. A Little Humor.

DECA has partnered with BusinessU to create a new Role-Play Prep Series! “DECA At The Bell” is an interactive, video-based series. It includes role-play prompts aligned to Performance Indicators.


Enhance Your Teaching

DECA’s Professional Learning Series offers conferences full of training, resources and networking for chapter advisors to enhance teaching, improve performance, integrate DECA into the classroom and fulfill certification requirements for continual professional development.


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