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DECA enriches teaching and learning by providing cutting edge resources to integrate into classroom instruction.


This Month with DECA

DECA curates three big ideas each month for DECA chapters and advisors.

Advisor Professional Development

Increase your power as a DECA advisor by planning your participation in DECA’s Advisor Professional Learning Series. DECA provides a variety of e-learning and in-person professional learning opportunities that focus on student-centered learning using DECA’s comprehensive learning programs and chapter strategy. Explore local and association-level professional development opportunities between now and the start of the school year to create a plan.

New Role-plays and Exams at

Each March, the district-level role-plays and exams are posted as samples at These are great resources for your competitors to review while preparing for future competition. In addition, they are available to integrate into your classroom instructional and add to your resource bank for DECA preparation.

Competitive Events Framework

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to familiarize yourself with DECA’s Competitive Events Program, take a few moments to learn about its connection to curriculum and its framework. Check out pages 32-33 in the DECA Guide.


Advisor Scholarships

DECA’s corporate partners offer professional development scholarships to advisors for use at DECA AMPED or other professional development conferences providing continuing education credit (CEU) in their field.


Role-plays. Performance Indicators. A Little Humor.

DECA has partnered with BusinessU to create a new Role-Play Prep Series! “DECA At The Bell” is an interactive, video-based series. It includes role-play prompts aligned to Performance Indicators.


Enhance Your Teaching

DECA’s Professional Learning Series offers conferences full of training, resources and networking for chapter advisors to enhance teaching, improve performance, integrate DECA into the classroom and fulfill certification requirements for continual professional development.


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Christy Rutherford
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