Developing emerging leaders is the core of the DECA experience. The DECA Emerging Leader Series is our new take on providing a comprehensive leadership program for our members. Its goal is to empower DECA members to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation.

Aligned with 21st Century Skills in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, and creativity and innovation, DECA’s Emerging Leader Series prepares DECA members to be effective leaders in college and careers. Each of these academies are available at the DECA International Career Development Conference, and Elevate and Empower are also offered at the DECA Emerging Leader Series.

Ultimate Member

Ignite your spark for DECA! As an emerging leader, you have great potential to take advantage of all that DECA offers. Now’s your time to gain an edge as you learn how you can take your personal DECA experience to the next level and ignite your passion for DECA.

Ultimate Chapter Leader

Elevate your leadership in DECA by becoming the ultimate DECA chapter leader. Discover your personal leadership style and how you can use that to take your chapter to the next level. Now’s your time to elevate your DECA status from member to chapter leader.

Ultimate Association Officer

As a DECA association officer, one of your main responsibilities is to empower the members you serve. Learn how to effectively perform your role as an association leader, design an effective strategic plan and employ empowering communications strategies and methods.

Ultimate Graduate

As you soon graduate, the sky is the limit for your aspirations. Do you know what to expect in college or how to be successful in your career? Learn how to leverage your DECA experience to your advantage in college, interviews and internships. Aspire to get on the fast track to college and career success.


Ultimate Chapter

Now it’s time to thrive with other high-performing chapters and continue to develop your toolbox of collaboration, communications, critical thinking and creativity skills. Eligibility to attend Thrive is based on achievement in DECA’s Chapter Campaigns.



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Debbie Taylor
Leadership Specialist