Building a strong DECA chapter doesn’t happen by accident, but it also doesn’t have to be a mystery! Our dedicated team of staff and chartered association advisors are here to support you as you begin your journey as a DECA chapter advisor.

This New Advisor Resource Center will help new advisors establish your DECA chapter, connect you to those with answers to most of your questions, help you stay up-to-date with DECA opportunities, and facilitate member involvement, both inside and outside of your classroom.


Get Connected

Important contacts to make.

Chartered Association Advisor

Connect with your association advisor for information specific to your association.

DECA Inc. New Advisor Liasion

Connect with Christy Rutherford for answers to your questions and advice.

Online Membership Support

Connect with Michael Mount for support with online member registration.

Access Resources

Essential tools to get started.

This Is How We Do DECA

Download the ultimate advisor guidebook.

DECA Guide

Get an overview of DECA’s education programs including competitive events.

DECA Website

DECA’s website is the one-stop source for all DECA programs, information and guidelines.

DECA Direct Online

Your one-stop place for news,
updates and best practices.


Download the DECA Inc. annual calendar.


Competitive events preparation materials and swag to brand your chapter are available through Shop DECA.

This Is How We Do DECA

Use DECA to support learning.

DECA Connects

Learn how to integrate DECA into the classroom.

Comprehensive Learning Program

Learn how to use DECA to bring your classroom to life.

Advisor’s Role

Learn your roles and responsibilities as a DECA advisor and begin developing your philosophy.

Chapter Strategy

Learn how to build your chapter’s structure through DECA’s chapter strategy.

Gaining Support

Learn how to gain support within and beyond the school.

Advisor Professional Learning

Enhance your teaching and service as a DECA advisor with professional learning.

Plan Your Year

Use tools to organize your chapter's activities.

Month By Month Calendar

Guide your first year with a suggested list of activities for each month.

Program of Leadership

Design your chapter’s program of leadership to bring together your leadership team, DECA goals and action items for the school year.

Competitive Events

Develop a framework to formulate your chapter’s plan for preparing members to participate in DECA’s Competitive Events Program.

Recruit, Register and Engage Members

Develop your chapter's membership and engagement strategy.

Membership Recruitment Toolkit

Access a variety of digital resources to help you recruit members this year.

Chapter Campaigns and Engagement

Use DECA’s Chapter Campaigns to guide your chapter’s member recruitment and engagement activities.

Register Your Members

Make your chapter members official by putting them in DECA’s online membership system and sending in their dues.


Login to the online membership system.