Integrating DECA programs into classroom instruction involves selecting activities from DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program as authentic learning experiences to help DECA members develop and apply skills outlined in the curriculum. This is achieved by using a DECA activity to enhance classroom lessons that support key educational initiatives. Members are also engaged as they apply the concepts in real-world situations. As DECA activities are usually project-based and problem-based, integrating DECA learning programs into classroom instruction enables members to further develop 21st Century Skills in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity, as well as use higher-order thinking skills.


DECA’s role-plays and case studies provide a student-centered engagement activity to help DECA members apply learning through problem-based activities that require creative solutions and practical outcomes. DECA’s role-plays and case studies challenge DECA members to demonstrate industry relevant knowledge and skills through performance indicators, while also developing important 21st Century Skills – creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communications.



DECA’s Project Management Events require participants to use project management skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project. DECA advisors must be knowledgeable on these concepts to understand the framework of DECA’s Project Management Events and how it supports learning and achievement. It can help you as an advisor and your students as DECA members, as students in the classroom and in their work lives as they will be learning the same project management tools used by project managers.



DECA’s Integrated Marketing Campaign Events provide an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate promotional knowledge and skills needed by marketing personnel. Participants in the Integrated Marketing Campaign Events will develop an integrated marketing campaign of no more than 45 days in length for a real event, product, or service, and present the campaign in a role-play situation to a prospective client/advertiser. DECA’s Integrated Marketing Campaign Events can be integrated into classroom instruction to provide context as students learn key performance indicators from instructional areas.


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