Greetings! You are part of a network of 5,300 educators who bring their classrooms to life by incorporating DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program into their daily instruction. As a DECA advisor, you have access to some of the most innovative, rigorous and relevant classroom resources to enhance your student’s learning. DECA’s Comprehensive Learning program, which includes DECA’s competitive events, emerging leader series, online challenges and more, will engage and motivate your students in unparalleled ways. As a result of participating in DECA, our student members become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders.

On behalf of the DECA Inc. staff, we are here to support you in getting the most out of DECA for yourself and your students. There’s no doubt with the tools and resources available to you, as well as your dedication, you’ll showcase “how we do DECA.”

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Let's Talk About DECA

Your local DECA chapter is part of a network of local, chartered association and international chapters. At the local level, you are able to choose from the array of learning programs supported by your chartered association and integrate them into your classroom instruction to make learning vibrant and relevant. Here’s a look at how your local chapter connects to your chartered association and DECA Inc.

DECA Connects

DECA is an integral component of a program of courses within the marketing, business management, finance, and hospitality and tourism career clusters, as well as entrepreneurship and personal financial literacy.

Comprehensive Learning Program

DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program offers exciting opportunities for classroom activities that connect your instruction to college and careers. DECA’s activities naturally support programs of study in the career clusters of marketing, business management, finance and hospitality, giving you tools and resources to incorporate DECA into your curriculum and courses.


  • Digital Presentation Skills Challenge
  • Disability as Diversity Challenge
  • Entrepreneur of Tomorrow Challenge
  • Ethical Leadership Challenge
  • Lead4Change Challenge
  • Social Impact Leader of Tomorrow Challenge
  • Social Innovation Challenge
  • Social Media Marketing Challenge

Chapter Campaigns

Competitive Events

Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

As an advisor, DECA provides you with a powerful array of tools and resources that you can integrate into classroom instruction and bring your classroom to life as you prepare members for college and careers. The most successful teachers and DECA advisors take advantage of DECA’s instructional activities by using them in class to apply learning, connect to business and promote competition — a key motivator for members.

DECA is currently adding more models, samples and templates. If the link is not active, it is coming soon. If you have a model, sample or template to share as a guide, please e-mail it to



  • DECA Partners
  • Sample Business Advisory Board Letter
  • Sample Internship Letter
  • Sample Partner Letter


Travel Agent


Chapter Strategy

Effective DECA advisors use strategy to develop an intentional plan or method for achieving the goal of creating a strong DECA chapter. DECA’s Chapter Strategy provides the framework and resources to develop your chapter in a business-like context, helping your members apply learning. Think of your DECA chapter as a small business or corporation—complete with a leadership team, goals, a program of leadership and project management techniques, all supporting DECA’s mission.

Gaining Support

Savvy DECA advisors understand that having the support of people outside their program in the school and in the local community can make their jobs easier and take their program to a higher level. While you are taking steps to build your program internally, don’t forget to cultivate support within the school as well as beyond the school.

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