Serve as a competitive events judge or mentor and
help prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Volunteering with DECA allows you to make a real difference in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s through judging competitive events and discovering the detail and depth DECA members put into their projects or sitting down with graduating members to answer their questions on college and careers in DECA’s Executive Mentor Program, you’ll begin to see how DECA members are ready to make an impact in our world.

For more information, please email volunteer@deca.org.


Inspire emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

As a competitive events judge, you’ll virtually connect with DECA members who have been preparing all year-long in classrooms to have their chance to shine.

  • They’ll share promotional strategies for a case study they just received 10 minutes ago.
  • They’ll passionately explain how they activated their entire community to get behind an important cause.
  • They’ll unveil a comprehensive generational marketing strategy for a local business that developed through their classroom learning.
  • They’ll tell you about their real business (yes, real) and their plans to grow it over the next three years.
  • They’ll give you innovative ideas that you can use in your own company!

You’ll be so impressed you’ll forget they are just in high school or college.

Opportunities to Judge

Atlanta, GA

Collegiate DECA Engage
November 5, 2022

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Arlington, VA

The Ultimate DECA Power Trip
November 12, 2022

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Orlando, FL

Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference
April 17-18, 2023

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Orlando, FL

DECA International Career Development Conference
April 23-25, 2023

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Share your business know-how as a mentor.

Don’t you wish you had a mentor when you were in high school? Now’s your chance to share everything you learned and wished you would have known with some of the most savvy emerging leaders. You’ll be able to share college and career advice in an intimate round-table format.

Opportunities to Mentor

Orlando, FL

DECA International Career Development Conference
April 23, 2023

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There is no higher priority than the health, safety and well-being of everyone involved in DECA’s educational conferences. Given the uncertain length of the current pandemic, DECA Inc. will monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and make any updates regarding our educational conferences on their respective webpages.

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