Celebrate #DECASBEWeek 2022

Each day of #DECASBEWeek will have a social media theme that is unique to the DECA’s school-based enterprise program. Participate by sharing photos or videos that correspond to the daily theme. Be sure to include #DECASBEWeek and tag @decainc when you post on your favorite platform.

Monday, October 3 – New and Improved

How has your SBE adapted for the coming year? Is it a new product, new software, or a new way to shop? Share how your out-of-the-box thinking has led to innovations in the way you market, sell and distribute your products.

Tuesday, October 4 – Best Seller Showcase

What’s the hot item in your SBE? Is it a school spirit hoodie or a delicious beverage? Be sure to let us know how you keep this must-have item stocked and promoted.

Wednesday, October 5 – Customer Appreciation

Celebrate your SBE’s customers by offering a special deal or featuring your most loyal customers who can’t get enough of your products and services.

Thursday, October 6 – Best Marketing Campaign

How do you spread the word about your products and services? We want to see your eye-catching displays, digital advertisements, promotions, and e-commerce strategies.

Friday, October 7 – Team Appreciation

To wrap up #DECASBEWeek, share photos of the DECA members who keep your SBE running! Whether it’s staff members fulfilling orders, serving customers, or posing for a group photo, show us your SBE staff.


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