Explore opportunities to participate in DECA's Chapter Campaigns.

Engage your members in DECA activities throughout the year using DECA’s Chapter Campaigns as your guide! These campaigns are perfect for developing your chapter’s program of leadership and allow your chapter to gain the recognition it deserves.

DECA offers five unique campaigns that will help you grow your chapter and build lasting partnerships within your school and community.

There are great awards for DECA chapters that attain recognition through DECA’s Chapter Campaigns, including the opportunity to earn a certificate, pennant, plaque, flag, and even three allocations to attend the THRIVE Academy at DECA’s International Career Development Conference. Be sure to read the guidelines for the qualifications.


Just like in business, continued growth is one of the keys to success. DECA’s membership campaign is designed to help your chapter grow by making the DECA experience available to more student members, keeping alumni involved and engaging professional members such as administrators, teachers, parents and business partners. Recognition for the Membership Campaign will be determined based on your membership submitted in the online membership system.

Campaign Winners 2021-2022


This campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share with their school and community what DECA is all about and how their chapter is making a positive impact on its members and community. Conduct three school outreach activities, three community outreach activities and share three alumni success stories to complete this campaign.

Campaign Winners 2021-2022


Educate your local school and community about the importance of ethics. To earn recognition, submit three Ethical Leadership Challenge entries, conduct three school outreach activities and three community outreach activities.

Campaign Winners 2021-2022


DECA members are always finding unique ways to serve their community. Get recognized for your efforts through this campaign. It’s easy. Simply document one or more community service activities, be sure to have at least 75% of your members involved, and create at least one form of publicity or promotion.

Campaign Winners 2021-2022


This campaign takes place in February, during Career and Technical Education Month. Completing three school outreach activities, three public policymaker outreach activities and three community outreach activities will get your chapter recognized for this campaign. And your community will definitely know you are advocates of DECA and Career and Technical Education!

Campaign Winners 2021-2022

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