DECA’s Challenges provide DECA members opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through innovative challenges in partnership with several corporate partners. Each challenge has a unique focus and specific set of require tasks. 


The FIDM Entrepreneur of Tomorrow Challenge asks students to create an entrepreneurial proposal for a new product idea for a specific market segment. Participants can now pitch a new clothing, beauty, home, health, food or entertainment concept in a video presentation describing the target market, product offering, marketing launch strategy and more.

2020-2021 Winners


A premier DECA event during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Intuit Innovation Challenge is a hands-on design thinking project, daring students around the globe to innovate for impact to help reverse the effect of global warming. Through the challenge, teams will apply Intuit’s design thinking methodology, Design for Delight, to develop an innovative sustainability solution. Teams will demonstrate their use of the design thinking process through a three-minute video presentation that brings to life their process and outcomes. The presentations should include their experiences with empathy, brainstorming and coming up with the solution, as well as experimentation within their community.

2020-2021 Winners


Demonstrate your digital presentation skills utilizing a Virtual Business simulation in a one- to two-minute digital presentation. The topic is up to you. You can talk solely about the strategies you use in the simulation. You could discuss real-world business stories and illustrate the stories with sim exercises. Or, you could talk about your own life, your knowledge of business and financial literacy, and again utilize a Virtual Business simulation to relate to and illustrate your topic. Each presentation needs to include video footage of the member presenting/talking about the topic, but the tools that you utilize to create your digital presentation are up to you. Use still images and screenshots of the Virtual Business sims or video captures of the simulations in action.

2020-2021 Winners


The Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge​ provides the opportunity for participants to compete in the world’s first social media marketing simulation used by top institutions around the world. Participants will test their social media marketing skills by managing a $5,000 weekly budget in simulated ad dollars for a fictitious, global bag company. The strategy will include marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

2020-2021 Winners

Previous Winning Videos

AT&T Later Haters Challenge 2019-2020
Carolyn Cumello, Micala Fontanella and Atalie Sweet from Coginchaug Regional High School in Connecticut

Intuit Innovation Challenge 2020-2021
“GoCompost” by East Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina

FIDM Challenge 2020-2021
Tracy Chanand and Katherine Chao from Tomball Memorial High School in Texas