Put your creativity and knowledge to the test

DECA’s Challenges provide DECA members opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through innovative challenges in partnership with several corporate partners. Each challenge has a unique focus and specific set of require tasks. 


Demonstrate your digital presentation skills utilizing a Virtual Business simulation in a one- to two-minute digital presentation. The topic is up to you! You can talk solely about the strategies you use in the simulation. You could discuss real-world business stories and illustrate the stories with sim exercises. Or, you could talk about your own life, your knowledge of business and financial literacy and utilize a Virtual Business simulation to relate to and illustrate your topic. The top finalists will deliver a live, digital presentation.

2021-2022 Winners


Create a focused Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy, as well as a marketing and communications plan, that the Muscular Dystrophy Association can use to promote DE&I to the high school and college-age demographic. DECA members will gain exposure to working in the DE&I space and will gain first-hand experience while creating a strategy and activating the marketing and communications plan in the real world. Work in teams of up to four DECA members to pitch your strategy and share the results of the activation in a four-minute video presentation.

2021-2022 Winners


Demonstrate your entrepreneurial spirit by proposing a new product idea for a specific market segment. Pitch your new clothing, beauty, home, health, food or entertainment concept in a four-minute video presentation that describes your target market, product offering and benefits, market potential and marketing and distribution strategy.

2021-2022 Winners


In teams of up to four DECA members, develop a 60-second (or less) public service announcement (PSA) video describing the nature of ethics. The PSA should be designed to educate your local community and those afar through social media about the importance of ethics.

2021-2022 Winners


The Lead4Change DECA Challenge is a component of the Lead4Change Student Leader Program. Demonstrate your leadership skills by being involved with your community and submitting a community service project once you finish the six-lesson or 12-lesson track that aligns with 21st Century Skills. Work in teams (three or more students with an adult sponsor) and do a project as you go through the lessons.

If 10 entries are submitted from DECA chapters by the February 11, 2022 deadline, DECA chapters will be eligible for a special award track from Lead4Change. If it meets the guidelines of each, this means that your project could earn recognition in the campaign or competitive event, Lead4Change Challenge and DECA/Lead4Change Challenge — three opportunities for the project all while doing good in your community.

2021-2022 Winners


Demonstrate your creativity by producing the next big cause marketing idea for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). DECA chapters can participate with up to four-member teams to develop a creative and unique fundraising campaign with NPCF branding. The fundraiser campaign must have an uplifting and hopeful theme with a social media component and video.

2021-2022 Winners


Intuit and DECA are proud to team up and share an exciting opportunity to compete with other high school groups across the U.S. and Canada to make entrepreneurship and business ownership accessible for all. We want students to join us and “Lead with a Cause” through the “Lead with a Cause: Intuit Social Innovation Challenge. The challenge engages teams of one to eight students to design an innovative solution to increase access to entrepreneurship for underrepresented groups.

2021-2022 Winners


Do you have what it takes to be a successful social media marketing professional? The Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge is your chance to compete using the social media marketing simulation, Mimic Social. You will be tasked with managing a fictitious company’s $5,000 weekly social media ad budget, including marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. You will schedule and promote content to post on each platform, target specific audiences, and analyze your success through multiple rounds of the simulation. Only one account is allowed per participant.

2021-2022 Winners