2023-2024 executive officers

Eva Shapiro

Western Region Vice President

Eva Shapiro is a three-year DECA member born and raised in Colorado. Through her involvement with DECA, Eva has learned the importance of effective communication, teamwork and strategic thinking. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. As Eva continued to pursue her passion for DECA, she has taken on various leadership roles, including Colorado DECA District 3 Representative. Eva's leadership skills have flourished under the guidance of DECA mentors, who have challenged her to think outside the box. In addition to developing her leadership skills, Eva has found a sense of community and belonging within the organization. DECA has provided her with a supportive network of individuals who share her passion for leadership, business and entrepreneurship. When Eva isn't busy with DECA, she spends time skiing in the beautiful Colorado mountains and enjoys lava cakes and chai tea lattes.

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