2024-2025 executive officers

Sarah Sonny

High School Division President

Sarah Sonny is the DECA High School Division President for 2024-2025. A four-year DECA member from Texas, Sarah aims to shine a spotlight on members, chapters and associations to lead DECA to a brighter future. She strives to maximize DECA’s impact through membership, advocacy and collaboration. Sarah has served as the Texas DECA Vice President of Leadership Development and District 7 President, allowing her to gain large-scale leadership experience. In leading her Wakeland DECA chapter as a two-term chapter president and vice president, Sarah found her love for mentoring new members. Throughout her journey, Sarah has competed in Start-Up Business Plan and Innovation Plan, holding both first and fourth place ICDC titles. Beyond the blazer, Sarah attends Florida Gulf Coast University in a direct medical program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and has certifications as a CNA, CCMA and PCT. In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling with her family, reading a new book, attending concerts and watching a Formula One Grand Prix.

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