2023-2024 executive officers

Holly Huston

Central Region Vice President

Holly Huston is a current high school student and DECA member born and raised in Marshall, Missouri. As a young leader, Holly is on the cusp of many educational and career opportunities. She is an eager individual who strives for excellence and always seeks outlets to devote her productive efforts. She has been involved in DECA since her freshman year of high school and has since excelled within the organization. Holly has enthusiastically participated in many leadership opportunities DECA provides, such as serving as an association officer for Missouri DECA. Not only has leadership played a role in Holly’s DECA career, but thanks to the organization, it has been implemented into her everyday life. Her primary goal as a leader is to help others succeed because she believes that when people work together, they can do amazing things. When Holly isn’t devoting her time to DECA, she enjoys spending her free time with coffee runs, upcycling clothing, ice-skating adventures and jamming out to Taylor Swift.

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