2024-2025 executive officers

James Rogers

Collegiate DECA Vice President

James J. Rogers is the Collegiate DECA Vice President for 2024-2025. James is a recent college graduate and five-year Collegiate DECA member from Nevada. After discovering his passion for leadership, James was enthusiastic to serve as a chapter officer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Thanks to his experience in Collegiate DECA, he gained valuable skills that prepared him to be a leader in his career and take on many leadership roles in his community. Through his involvement in Collegiate DECA, James learned what it took to be a leader and the importance of community collaboration, teamwork, and bold ideas. As a Collegiate DECA Vice President, his primary goal is to help members grow their chapters and foster collaboration within the community. Once he removes the DECA blazer, James can be found either engrossed in practicing the cello, immersed in a book, or wandering into the wilderness.

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