2023-2024 executive officers

Denise Konaté

Collegiate DECA Vice President

Denise Konaté is a highly-motivated and dedicated digital marketing student with exceptional leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Her unique life experiences have fueled her desire to challenge stereotypes and create positive change. As a dedicated member of Collegiate DECA, Denise is committed to expanding the organization's reach and collaborating with others to achieve common goals. She is an innovative problem-solver, making her a valuable asset to any team. Beyond DECA, Denise has founded an organization that improves the lives of orphans in Africa—showcasing her leadership skills and dedication to volunteering and giving back to her community. As an honor student, she is driven to find solutions to problems and constantly seeks new challenges. Denise enjoys exploring different cultures, trying new foods, staying active and spending time with loved ones in her free time. Her unwavering determination to inspire others and create positive change is evident in all that she does.

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