The Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program encourages individual members, chapters and associations to plan activities and participate in events that enhance the experiences of members. The Leadership Passport Program rewards action taken by members, chapters and associations that build personal and professional skill sets focused around helping members be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible and experienced leaders. Members, chapters and associations earning the various levels of passport success will be recognized at the International Career Development Conference.


The Individual Leadership Passport Program provides student members a guide for year-round engagement and enhances the benefits of membership in Collegiate DECA. Activities are categorized using DECA’s guiding principles in an effort to encourage a well-rounded college/university experience.

2021-2022 Individual Recipients


The Chapter Leadership Passport Program provides chapters a guide for events and activities that will increase engagement and enhance the benefits of Collegiate DECA membership throughout the year. Activities are categorized using DECA’s guiding principles in an effort to encourage a well-rounded college experience. Chapters who work together to fulfill the requirements will gain valuable learning experiences and a sense of purpose in their mission as DECA members.

2021-2022 Chapter Recipients


The Association Leadership Passport Program encourages association leaders to develop a program of leadership that is tailored to the needs of their association’s members. Through participation in the program, associations will be provided with a framework to strategically plan activities and events that will reach their goals. The Collegiate DECA Executive Officer Team will work directly with associations to provide mentorship and ensure organization-wide success.

2021-2022 Association Recipients

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