Collegiate DECA’s Challenges provide members opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom through innovative challenges in partnership with several corporate partners. Each challenge has a unique focus and specific set of required tasks.


Collegiate DECA offers two competitive rounds of the Stock Market Game, provided by the SIFMA Foundation. The Collegiate DECA Stock Market Game challenges teams of one to three Collegiate DECA members to work together to build and manage a high-performing investment portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Participants in the Collegiate DECA Stock Market Game develop and manage a virtual investment portfolio. The challenge is conducted online and calls teams of Collegiate DECA members to test their investment acumen against each other. The goal of the competition is to increase the value of the beginning portfolio, while maintaining a diversified mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Round 1 will take place from September 12 – November 18, 2022.
Round 2 will take place from February 6 – April 14, 2023.



In this interactive, digital simulation, you’ll take on the role of an entrepreneur as you research, spot opportunities and start your own business venture choosing from six different business options. In this digital simulation, competitors will conduct surveys, analyze competitors, research the labor supply, raise capital and form their business. Competitors will be responsible for choosing their product offerings, setting prices, acquiring resources, organizing their business layout, building their team and creating effective advertisements. Participants will be able to open a maximum of two businesses and work to grow their businesses to successful and profitable levels.

The case simulation will take place on November 7-18, 2022.