DECA continues to be a leader in supporting key educational initiatives through its comprehensive learning program, including competitive events. DECA’s Project Management Events directly supports Career Clusters®, National Curriculum Standards and 21st Century Skills.

DECA’s Project Management Events require participants to use project management skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project. DECA advisors must be knowledgeable on these concepts to understand the framework of DECA’s Project Management Events and how it supports learning and achievement.

We all manage projects, but the way that we manage projects can make a difference in the outcome of those projects. Project management aids in completing better projects with less stress and completion of tasks on time. It assists in the use of effective time management and brings structure to constructive chaos. Project Management consists of tools to manage projects and to manage them successfully. It can help you as an advisor and your students as DECA members, as students in the classroom and in their work lives as they will be learning the same project management tools used by project managers.

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