SBE: Distribution and Channel Management

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Channel Management

While selling ensures that businesses clear out inventory and generate revenue, it is important to effectively manage the distribution of inventory in order for it to be sold. Distribution refers to getting products from one end of the distribution channel (production) to the other end (consumption).

At the conclusion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between customer service and distribution.
  • Explain the receiving process.
  • Complete inventory counts.
  • Determine inventory shrinkage.
  • Channel of Distribution
  • Direct Channel
  • Indirect Channel
  • Supply Chain
  • Intermediary
  • Agent/Broker Merchant Wholesaler Retailer
  • Physical Distribution/Logistics (Customer Service, Transportation, Warehousing/Storage, Order Processing, Inventory Control, Material Handling/Packaging)
  • Inventory Count (Full Count and Partial Count)
  • Inventory Shrinkage

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