DECA Leadership Styles

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Begin your rise as an emerging leader by understanding what it’s like to be led by you! The DECA Leadership Styles assessment will help you identify your sweet spots and blind spots as a DECA leader. Having an awareness of your DECA Leadership Style will enable you to communicate better, assess others’ needs and forge productive relationships. A leader’s ability to identify these differences and quickly adapt to address individual needs can be the difference between leadership success and failure.

What Is Your DECA Leadership Style?
  • Driver - Drivers are effective, organized and goal-oriented. They are the responsible, executive-type that is focused on completing the tasks and project.
  • Energizer - Energizers are fast-paced, live in the moment and are action-oriented. They are the fun-loving members of a team who are optimistic and able to come up with creative solutions.
  • Caretaker - Caretakers are warm, caring and people oriented. Caretakers can be counted on to bring encouragement to teammates, and to be considerate of the feelings and well-being of others.
  • Analyzer - Analyzers are objective, efficient and vision-oriented. As knowledgeable individuals, analyzers are gifted in making plans that are well developed, efficient and innovative.

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