DECA Goals

Chapter Strategy

DECA Goals provides a menu of suggested DECA chapter activities from DECA's Comprehensive Learning Program. This model allows you to better explain what your chapter wants to accomplish, coordinate your efforts, track your progress, inspire your members and continue refining your action plans to increase your chances of success.

In DECA, the naming of our goal ranges reflects our name and brand.

  • DUTY - The first level baseline expectation for a goal is called the “Duty” goal. Think of this as the minimally acceptable and relatively easy level of success for your chapter.
  • EXCEPTIONAL - The next progressive level is called the “Exceptional” goal. Think of this as the goal that could be achieved if your chapter is highly organized, committed and well-trained.
  • CHAMPION - The high end of the goal range is called the “Champion” level goal. Think of this goal level as “best in class.” The champion level is where DECA’s best chapters in the world operate relative to your chapters, size, setting and situation. The champion level DECA Goal is achievable, but it will take extraordinary leadership to achieve.
  • ACTUAL - The final element of DECA Goals is the “Actual” level. This is where your chapter currently stands toward pursuing your greater goals. The actual level should be updated and reported frequently so officers and members know where you currently are relative to your stated DECA Goals.

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