Cindy Allen
Director of Sponsorships

Cindy Allen is the Director of Sponsorships for DECA Inc. Her primary responsibilities include developing corporate partnerships and serving as liaison between DECA Inc. and its partnering organizations. Cindy also manages DECA’s scholarship program, coordinates advertising and exhibits and works with special event activities and operations.

Cindy started working for DECA Inc. more than 20 years ago, when she was hired as an administrative assistant. In 2000, she became the marketing director of the organization, a job whose responsibilities included judge recruitment for DECA’s International Career Development Conferences (ICDCs) and management of DECA’s online business simulations. In 2011, Cindy assumed her current role with the introduction of DECA Inc.’s Corporate and External Affairs Department. Prior to joining the DECA staff, Cindy worked in the private sector as a secretary. She also managed front-end operations at a local food chain and worked for a national chain of grocery stores. Cindy is a former member of DECA and a native of Virginia.