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Piper Sandler is a leading investment bank and asset management firm. Our proven advisory teams combine deep product knowledge with sector expertise. Founded in 1895, the firm is headquartered in Minneapolis and has offices across the U.S. and internationally.

Piper Sandler’s Consumer Equity Research has anchored its brand around timely and unique insights. Over the over 15 years, Piper Sandler and DECA have partnered on a real time market research project entitled Taking Stock With Teens. DECA members have shared their opinions on favorite brands, shopping behaviors, and spending characteristics. Piper Sandler uses this research to advise investing and corporate clients on positioning in sectors including consumer, retail, media and technology.

Piper Sandler also sponsors the Collegiate DECA Management Institute at ICDC each year and invites one of its corporate partners to co-participate to design, formalize, deliver and judge an immersive marketing challenge.


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How Employees Can Engage with DECA

Piper Sandler associates can engage by competitive event judging at local and state levels, speaking to member classes, job shadowing, writing competitive events, collaborating with other NAB companies, or being a resource for evaluation of professional opportunities in the financial services industry.

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