ARYZTA provides a customized bakery portfolio solution that blends our Passion for good Food with value added services that meet the needs of our customers. Our delicious foods include Otis Spunkmeyer® cookies and muffins. Our customers, especially DECA customers know and love the unique and high quality recipe of Otis Spunkmeyer baked goods and ask for them by name!


Otis Spunkmeyer and DECA have been partners for more than 30 years; our first recorded transaction was in 1987!

The Otis Spunkmeyer oven program is a turn-key business building program that provides all the tools needed to sell Otis cookies in your School-based Enterprise. Our model also provides students with real-life business experience such as managing, marketing, promotion and sales while generating profits for your chapter.

Otis is a proud sponsor of the SBE Academy and provides student scholarships annually. Please click here to learn more about our student scholarships and how to apply!

To learn more, call (844) 992-7747 and be sure to mention you are with DECA.


Our products and programs are easy to manage, easy to sell and profitable. Discover the many sweet rewards from Otis Spunkmeyer that will benefit your chapter.

Educational + Financial Rewards:

The Complete Otis Cookie and Oven Program
The Otis Cookie Program is your recipe for success and profits in your DECA school store, or anywhere you can bake and set up a cash box and sell cookies. Earn up to 50% profit on every cookie transaction! We support business education by including everything you need to bake and sell irresistible cookies from day one.

The complete program includes:

Delicious and Nutritious Rewards:

Everybody loves fresh-baked cookies, but our prebaked cookies, muffins and brownies are also crowd-pleasers making sales easy for you while still offering variety.

And, if you have a need for “Smart Snacks” products, Otis has options. We offer Delicious Essentials cookie dough, prebaked cookies and muffins that meet the USDA nutritional requirements. Don’t sacrifice the profits you can earn from selling Otis Spunkmeyer products.

Scholarship Rewards:

Be Golden – Get Gold Certified!
Earn even more when you participate in Otis Spunkmeyer programs. We offer 3 scholarships to SBE students whose chapters sell Otis Spunkmeyer products.

Success Rewards:

Find out what real DECA chapters are saying here.

Fundraising Rewards:

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Tubs
Bring in even more dough for your chapter with an Otis Spunkmeyer tub fundraiser. Our pre-portioned dough in 2.5 lb. decorative, re-sealable tubs is proven to raise more money, no matter what the cause. Click here to learn more.

Selling our tubs is one of the only ways people have access to Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough for their personal use. Take advantage of this niche selling opportunity!

For questions or comments on any of our products and programs, please contact (844) 992-7747. Be sure to mention you are with DECA.

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