The Men’s Wearhouse is one of DECA’s most important business partners and has served on the National Advisory Board since 2009.

Together, Men’s Wearhouse and DECA have worked to develop the next generation’s workforce in retail sales and marketing through “How to Dress for Success” seminars that support classroom teaching, college preparation, training, leadership and guidance. 

To request a speaker to present at a “How to Dress for Success” seminar or a Do-It-Yourself Kit so that you can host your own seminar, contact  Please provide your school name, address and approximate number of students you will have for the presentation. 

Men’s Wearhouse believes in giving back to the communities and people in which the company serves. As such, all the Men’s Wearhouse brands extend the company’s citizenship arm on both a local and national level.

Men’s Wearhouse is proud to be in partnership with DECA, helping young men and women prepare for success in college and in their professional careers.



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How Employees Can Engage with DECA

DECA has many opportunities for organizations and their employees to engage with DECA. From volunteering as a classroom speaker, mentor or judge, to representing your company by exhibiting to advertising in publications, there are countless opportunities to engage with DECA and its membership.

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