Knowledge Matters is the leading provider of cloud-based, educational simulations for business (food service, hospitality, retailing, sports management and manufacturing) and personal finance. The company’s Virtual Business line of simulations has been used in over one-third of all the high schools in the United States.

Knowledge Matters sponsors and executes the DECA Virtual Business Challenge each school year. The DECA Virtual Business Challenge (VBC) is an official DECA competitive event where participants use the Virtual Business simulations to compete. It is a free event available to DECA high school members.

The DECA VBC encourages DECA members to test their skills at managing a business, or their financial wealth individually or as a team.

The VBC culminates in live competitions at DECA’s International Career Development Conference, where students have the opportunity to compete for scholarship money.

The VBC currently has eight tracks:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Restaurant
  • Retailing
  • Sports
  • Personal Finance
  • DECA Hotel Challenge
  • Fashion


Learn how to participate in the DECA Virtual Business Challenge official competitive event here.

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Please contact Maureen Ginley if associates are interested in judging competitive events at the local, state or international level.

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