As a Hult undergraduate, you’ll learn more about the world so you can work across cultures. You’ll learn about the future so you can help shape it, and most importantly you’ll learn about yourself so you can confidently lead others.

Each academic year, you can choose to base your studies at one of our modern campuses in either Boston, London, or San Francisco. With optional Summer Programs available at our campuses in Dubai and Shanghai, you will have the unique opportunity to continue your studies as you explore the world and graduate with first-hand experience of business in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and China.

During your time at Hult, you’ll explore the potential of disruptive technology with courses in topics like AI, blockchain, and gene editing. You’ll collaborate with leading companies and constantly be challenged through hands-on, practical project. And you’ll be pushed to think creatively, be resourceful, and work together with peers of over 120 different nationalities. It’s in this international and collaborative environment that you will learn a lot more than just the fundamentals of business—you’ll learn to see the world differently.



Awarded to five incoming students, the DECA Scholarship recognizes incoming DECA students who are emerging as the next generation of entrepreneurial business leaders. In addition to membership in DECA, these students exhibit teamwork, integrity, and innovation. Recipients will receive a $5,000 scholarship per year of undergraduate study at Hult.



A Curriculum for Employability
With business at its core, Hult’s undergraduate curriculum is designed to help you develop the skills you need to lead and thrive in today’s business world. Majors offered include Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Finance.

World-Class Faculty
Among the Hult undergraduate faculty, you’ll find professors who have run their own businesses or worked at global consultancies. When it comes to our faculty, we value their business experience as much as their academic credentials.

Leadership Development
At Hult, our approach to academics is based on the knowledge that the leaders of tomorrow must have a global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. From your first year, your courses will focus on the skills you need for success, such as: teamwork, cross-cultural communication, and critical thinking.

Hands-On Business Experience
During your degree, you will learn by doing. Your studies will culminate in a Capstone Project, which can take the form of a high-value internship or participation in the Hult Business Challenge—a team-based project to develop and pitch an innovative business solution to a real client.

The Accelerated Combined Degree Program: Bachelor + Master
If your academic goal is to pursue a masters degree, our flexible curriculum makes it possible to accelerate your studies and start earning your masters degree during your final year of your undergraduate studies, saving you both time and money.

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How Employees Can Engage with DECA

DECA has many opportunities for organizations and their employees to engage with DECA. From volunteering as a classroom speaker, mentor or judge, to representing your company by exhibiting to advertising in publications, there are countless opportunities to engage with DECA and its membership.