Competition University is the e-learning website for DECA competitors. CU offers interactive games, lessons, quizzes, exams, KPI’s and role-plays to help students prepare for competition. Competition University includes courses for Principals, Individual Series, Team Decision Making, Project Management Events, Business Operation Research Events, Integrated Marketing Campaign Events, Professional Selling, and the Entrepreneurship Course. CU also offers courses on the 12 instructional areas, along with the Marketing, Hospitality, Finance, Business Management & Admin Clusters, and Entrepreneurship. These tools and resources are designed to help students prepare, feel confident, and excel going into competition.


Custom Resources Fundraising offers a wide variety of products and programs to help DECA chapters raise funds for competition and travel expenses. We offer SBE items such as customized spirit cups, healthy food options; Welch’s fruit snacks, Jack Links beef jerky, and kettle corn. We provide a great selection of brochure programs such as Little Caesars Pizza Kits®, Popcorn, Celebrating Home Candles, Bags for Bucks, Pies, Cookie Dough, and much more including our new online & ship to home options. You can request more information at www.customresourcesfundraising.com.


Custom Resources has been a DECA National Advisory Board member since 1999.

Custom Resources offers educational and competitive-event preparation resources and a wide selection of fundraisers. Custom Resources is owned by former marketing teacher and DECA advisor, Tara Richardson.

  • Participates in the annual corporate meeting
  • Exhibits at DECA conferences
  • Promotes products through DECA publications
  • Judges at the local, state, and international level
  • Teacher presentations

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How Employees Can Engage with DECA

DECA has many opportunities for organizations and their employees to engage with DECA. From volunteering as a classroom speaker, mentor or judge, to representing your company by exhibiting to advertising in publications, there are countless opportunities to engage with DECA and its membership.

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