Meet Sam

Sam Sawale has been in DECA for three years, although his commitment and interest in the organization stems from middle school. In his first year as a DECA member, Sam attended the International Career Development Conference and placed in the top ten in the Sports and Entertainment Operations Research event. Outside of academics, Sam is actively involved in his community as a leader, a teammate, and a friend. He served as the Treasurer of his Class Council for three years and is an Eagle Scout. Sam enjoys the outdoors and can be found swimming, biking, or hiking in his free time. Sam has a hidden talent of telling the worst jokes at the worst times. He believes DECA creates opportunities for people to grow, as well as to learn more about the business field. He aims to create unity within the international DECA family. In the Fall of 2019, Sam will join New York University’s freshman class. He plans to major in finance and statistics.

Signature Workshop

The Weird Relationship Between
 Your Mother, Your Neighbor, Your Best Friend and You
The purpose of this workshop is to help you balance the different relationships in your life, and assess the importance of different types of networking. Through examples and activities, we will explore the intricacies of how to network, who to network with and why we network in the first place.


Invite an executive officer to your DECA conference or event.