Hayley Haas is a four-year DECA member from The Davidson Academy of Nevada in Reno, Nevada. Hayley served as Chapter President and Director of Student Training and Development, as well as a DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent. Some of Hayley’s achievements include increasing association and chapter efforts in DECA’s Chapter Campaigns, working on statewide membership growth and successfully spearheaded a chapter community service campaign. Hayley has also received numerous achievements in DECA’s competitive events in both her association and internationally. Hayley will be attending Vanderbilt University to study human organizational development, with a focus in international leadership and development, and a minor in Business. Hayley is looking forward to working with members across the world on making their DECA experience one to remember, and connecting her region’s diverse membership by serving as an accessible touchpoint for anyone with questions or ideas.


Ghostbusters? More like StressBusters!

School, sports, straight A’s, parents, and your dog always trying to eat your homework… Sometimes life seems to be ready to move a little faster than we are, and every now and again stress sneaks up on us. Don’t let it spook you out of being your best! If you like watching viral YouTube videos, telling jokes, and saying ‘yes’ to spending more time with your dog, this workshop is for you.

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