Meet Rajan

Rajan Chitrao is a four-year DECA member from South Carolina and has the leadership styles of energizer and driver. After serving as a chapter leader his sophomore year, he realized the leadership opportunities DECA provides and utilized those platforms for the betterment of his fellow members. Having completed terms as Vice President of Finance and President for South Carolina DECA, he has always striven to ensure that service to DECA’s members is his top priority. With years of leadership experience, he loves to share the lessons he has learned with anyone willing to listen. Rajan has competed in Automotive Services Marketing, qualifying for ICDC all four years, and loves to help members better prepare for their competitive events. He plans to increase networking opportunities and promote unity across the Southern Region throughout the year. Rajan loves to talk and is extremely social so don’t hesitate to reach out to him! Beyond DECA, Rajan is an avid debater and regularly participates in motorsport in SCCA Solo events. He also enjoys public speaking, working on his 1992 Mazda Miata and road cycling. He currently attends Clemson University’s Honors College to study mechanical engineering.

Signature Workshop

The Secret to Maximizing Team Efficiency
What’s the secret to achieving peak efficiency when working with a team? Diversification. In this workshop, leaders will learn the importance of specialization and how to position each individual within a team to focus on the strongest aspects of their character.

Signature Keynote

Finding Your “Why”
Why do you do what you do? Why do you keep returning to the same activities? Why do you keep striving to do more? Rajan will guide members on a journey to find their “Why”. Together, the audience will embark on a journey of finding their motivation is in life and leadership.


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