Meet Ramkishore

Ramkishore (Ramki) Annachi is a four-year DECA member from North Carolina. After attending the International Career Development Conference his freshman year and recognizing the abundant professional development opportunities, Ramki ran for association office to make similar experiences accessible to more members throughout his state. After transferring schools, Ramki was highly involved in reestablishing the North Carolina School of Science and Math DECA chapter. Ramki has served as the Dixie Pines Region Vice President and State President for North Carolina DECA, where his teams led immense membership growth and implemented new chapter engagement programs. At ICDC, he achieved second and first place in VBC-Hotel Management in his sophomore and junior years. Ramki believes all members can utilize DECA’s opportunities to grow and seeks to make more members aware of these possibilities. Beyond DECA, Ramki enjoys tennis, conducts research on water filtration and is working towards his private pilot’s license. Ramki is attending North Carolina State University as a Park Scholar studying Computer Engineering and Economics.

Signature Workshop

What Competitor Are You?
With 59 competitive events to choose from, DECA has an event for every kind of competitor. Should you compete in an individual role-play or complete a written event? Would you benefit from a team role-play or should you tackle an online event? This interactive workshop will help you better understand the variety of competitive events DECA offers and lead you to select the perfect competition for your interests.

Signature Keynote

Competitive Lessons Beyond The Blazer
Competition is an integral part of DECA, and through it, you have the opportunity to gain skills that can apply to everyday life. Join me as I share the key lessons I’ve learned through competition and how you can apply these lessons beyond your time in DECA.


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