Meet O’Brian

O’Brian Martin, from Orange County, Virginia, has had a passion for DECA since his sophomore year of high school. Throughout his DECA Journey, O’Brian has been able to see first-hand how DECA can transform the lives of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. He enjoys making valuable connections with the members he serves through DECA conferences and networking opportunities. Whether it is an in-person conference or virtual event, O’Brian enjoys connecting with DECA members on both a personal and professional level. He aims to partner with DECA members from around the world as they strive to Maximize Their Momentum, together!

Signature Workshop

Work Like a Dream Team
Do you know the leadership styles of your teammates? In this workshop, put your collaboration skills to the test as you experience firsthand how to quickly transform a dysfunctional team into an epic Dream Team.

Signature Keynote

Alex’s Story
Impacted by the negative influences around him, learn how a DECA member named Alex hit rock bottom. It took a devastating reality check for Alex to regain control of his life and transform from an arrogant, troubled teen struggling to find his place in this world into an ambitious young adult ready to make a viable impact in his community.


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