Meet Sarah

Sarah Tran is a three-year DECA member from Massachusetts. She attends Bentley University, majoring in corporate finance and accounting, and is involved in the Honors Program and the Women’s Leadership Program. She attended Worcester Technical High School and used her interpersonal skills and initiatives to help build membership within her chapter. Sarah advocated achieving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), by being a State Delegate for the State Student Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. After being elected as a Massachusetts DECA Association Officer, she created the Cultural Advisory Board to achieve DEI for its members. Throughout her term, her main goal was to increase communication with the student members. Sarah strives to continue advocating for these causes on an international level. Some fun facts: She has been a vegetarian since the third grade, is self-taught in calligraphy, is learning ASL and loves to sing! Sarah enjoys spending her time with friends, making and watching TikToks and singing karaoke with her family!

Signature Workshop

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Have you ever doubted your own skills or abilities? Even though you are in a place where you belong, sometimes your brain tricks you to think you don’t belong there. In this workshop, we will explore how you can identify the symptoms of imposter syndrome and take action to stop it in its tracks.

Signature Keynote

Am I A Leader?
What is a leader? While many of us will consider anyone with a more advanced position or higher title a leader, there is no one set definition. You don’t have to be an influencer, motivational speaker or elected official. Being a leader may be as simple as performing a random act of kindness.


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