Meet Nate

Nate Jacobs is a five-year DECA member from Lincoln Park, Michigan. Throughout Nate’s DECA journey, he has focused on chapter development and piloting a freshman recruitment program for his alma mater. During his junior year, he served as the Lincoln Park DECA president and co-chairperson for a Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) fundraiser that raised $17,000 for DECA’s philanthropic partner. He then made the commitment to run for association office and was elected as the Michigan DECA Vice President of Chapter Development. During his term on the Michigan State Executive Council, Nate enjoyed networking with members celebrated a new state membership record. He is proud to represent the thirteen associations of DECA’s Central Region. Nate attends Wayne County Community College as he completes his fifth year of an early middle college program. He then plans to go onto a university to double-major in Sports Management and Business Administration.

Signature Workshop

Fundraising Frenzy
Learn more about the fundraising avenues DECA has to offer and how to implement them into your school and community.

Signature Keynote

My DECA Journey
Each and every DECA activity I’ve participated in has shaped me into the emerging leader I am today. Learn how I became involved with DECA, my favorite memories and the opportunities DECA presents to everyone.


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