Meet Sriya

Sriya Koganti is a four-year DECA member from Avon, Indiana. She was a two-term association officer, serving as the Region 5 President of Indiana DECA and Association Liaison for Avon High School. During her junior year, she helped initiate region-wide chapter president calls to bridge the gap between the association officer team and members of Indiana DECA. From organizing association-wide conferences to attending the ICDC Empower Academy and meeting fellow association officers from around the globe, she has continued to use every second of her experience in DECA to learn from other members. Outside of DECA, she is a student at the University of Pennsylvania. DECA has allowed her to form relationships with ambitious, inspiring peers and gain skills which no textbook could ever teach, further allowing her to find her passion in entrepreneurship.

Signature Workshop

Powerful Voices
Every leader has a compelling story to tell. It’s important to understand your audience, setting and situation every time you speak. From everyday tasks and classroom projects to presenting to competition judges, leaders will learn how to efficiently and effectively communicate their message for maximum impact.

Signature Keynote

The Real Definition of Positivity
Sriya shares about toxic positivity and its devastating effects on society while discovering the true meaning of optimism.


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