Meet Hannah

Hannah Smolicz is a four-year DECA member currently studying Business Administration at the University of Connecticut. She started her DECA journey as a sophomore member of Berlin High School DECA where she became a two-time state champion and served as chapter vice president in her junior and senior years. Through DECA, Hannah discovered her passion for business and leadership and committed to helping more students find their interests. She became the Connecticut DECA Corresponding Secretary her senior year and loved the new challenge. She then decided to begin a Collegiate DECA chapter at the University of Connecticut during her freshman year. This endeavor has taught Hannah that an individual must persevere to become successful and utilize their success to help others. As a Collegiate DECA Vice President, Hannah aims to help other students find their passion by introducing them to the tools and connections necessary to become successful.

Associations Represented

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina

Signature Workshop

Grow Your Chapter: The Guide to Developing a More Successful and Involved Chapter
This workshop teaches DECA members how to further the success of their chapter. This is a three-tier workshop on how to create a productive year while continuously growing. By the end of the workshop, members will have the tools to develop a more organized chapter, have obtained new activity ideas and understand how to connect with those outside of DECA.


Invite an executive officer to your DECA conference or event.