Meet Caleb

Caleb Nochumson is a four-year DECA member who has helped spearhead a rejuvenation of Arizona Collegiate DECA. His journey began at the University of Arizona where he increased chapter membership by over 500%. Soon after, Caleb earned a position as State Vice President of Arizona Collegiate DECA. He has worked closely with chapters, associations and external partners to further DECA’s mission. With a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems, Caleb currently works full-time at GEICO. In his role as a Software Analyst, he coordinates a team of 20 developers in the DevOps Automation Department to complete company-wide projects. In his spare time, Caleb values his time with friends, bowling and a good game of Rocket League. His mission is to provide DECA with the resources needed to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Caleb is an expert in competition, professional development, growing a chapter, corporate sponsorships and leadership.

Associations Represented

  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming

Signature Workshop

Take Your Network to the Next Level
Networking is one of the most important skills to develop throughout college. In fact, during many of our conferences, we say that networking is one of the most engagement activities students can complete. This workshop will provide you with the skills, resources and fun activities you can use in any networking situation. Throughout the workshop, you will actively network with others, learn the secrets of great networkers and learn how to teach your new skills to others.


Invite an executive officer to your DECA conference or event.