Meet Davis

Davis Jean-Noel is a four-year Collegiate DECA member and recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University Providence majoring in marketing with a specialization in digital media & marketing analytics. He started his DECA journey as a freshman at Mount Olive High School where he became a positive influence for his chapter and a strong competitor. Through Collegiate DECA, Davis discovered his passion for marketing and leadership; quickly becoming more devoted to supporting his fellow students and community. After a year of competing in Collegiate DECA, he was elected his chapter’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications where he built up his chapter’s brand presence on campus with vast skills in social media marketing and creative advertising. Soon after, for two years, Davis spearheaded the marketing for his association’s conference and finished strong by becoming Chapter President his junior year. Since holding that position, Davis has aimed to express how Collegiate DECA is such a fantastic platform to help members build their own brand and career.

Associations Represented

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Signature Workshop

How to Create Effective and Relevant Content Online
It is important to understand social media marketing strategies and how to use them effectively and efficiently across multiple platforms. Social media marketing is an art form. It’s amazing how these platforms can allow any marketer or influencer to creatively express themselves and authentically connect with vast audiences.


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