Michelle Le’s DECA journey began her freshman year of high school. Ready to experience new challenges and opportunities, she joined Collegiate DECA at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she has served as Vice President of Marketing and President. The organization continues to be the propelling force behind her commitment to service, creativity, and business. She has been acquainted with DECA for 8 years now and every year, her love for this organization and all that it offers grows even more. Majoring in marketing and minoring in global entrepreneurship, Michelle has developed interests in advocacy and adventure. She wants DECA members to know that their DECA journey doesn’t have to end after high school and that it becomes even more focused in college. She is devoted to helping cultivate a connected community of members who strive to be leaders in their careers, collaborate with one another, and are passionate in all that they do.

Associations: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington


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