Looking for resources to fuel your classroom’s online learning? We’ve compiled the latest resources in one place. We know that everyone is facing significant changes in teaching and learning. As a result, DECA is pleased to provide its advisors and members with learning activities that can be incorporated into digital instruction. The below activities can take place with internet access. Check back often as new resources are added regularly.


DECA Classroom Connection

This email series is sent to DECA advisors each Thursday to provide a targeted lesson plan and/or classroom activity connected to performance indicators and national curriculum standards.

DECA Direct Magazines + Discussion Guides

DECA Direct Magazine is the official digital membership magazine of DECA. It’s published four times each academic year and is used as an instructional tool in many high school and college classrooms. Each issue includes a Classroom Discussion Guide with activities to help students apply key concepts to their learning. Find more past issues and discussion guides.

Next Level Leadership

(Sep/Oct 2020)

A new school year brings new chances to elevate your leadership to the next level. Discover fresh ideas to enhance your chapter and become a leader worth following in your school, community and beyond.

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Explain the concept of leadership
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Explain the nature of organizational culture
  • Explain the nature of ethical leadership
  • Model ethical behavior
  • Assess personal behavior and value

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

(Mar/Apr 2020)

The Sports and Entertainment Marketing Issue is your go-to guide for career previews, trends, best practices and behind-the-scenes looks at this popular and adrenaline-filled industry

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Explain the nature of event marketing
  • Explain employment opportunities in event management
  • Explain the importance of meeting and exceeding customer/guest expectations
  • Identify factors that influence guest experiences throughout the guest life cycle
  • Explain the use of social media for digital marketing
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development


(Jan/Feb 2020)

The Finance Issue will help you take your finance game to the next level. From saving and investing to budgeting and fundraising, you’ll find it here.

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Explain the need to save and invest
  • Set financial goals
  • Develop personal budget
  • “Sell” ideas to others
  • Coordinate work with that of team members
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development


(Nov/Dec 2019)

The Entrepreneurship Issue features tips, resources and how-to guides to help kickstart your next entrepreneurial endeavor.

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Describe the nature of entrepreneurship.
  • Explain the role requirements of entrepreneurs and owners.
  • Explain tools used by entrepreneurs for venture planning.
  • Explain the nature of business plans.
  • Distinguish between using social media for business and personal purposes.
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development.

Back to School

(Sep/Oct 2019)

The Back to School issue features tips on selecting your competitive event, a guide to setting goals for the upcoming year and everything you need to get started this year in DECA!

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Set personal goals.
  • Determine the nature of organizational goals.
  • Explain the need for innovation skills.
  • Assess personal interests and skills needed for success in business.
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development.
  • Explain the nature of project management.

DECA ICDC Week Videos

Rewatch the webinars from #DECAICDC Week 2020 featuring speakers and panelists.

Emerging Professional Conversations

Engage in a conversation with former DECA Inc. executive officers turned emerging professionals. Learn how they leveraged their DECA experience to earn success in college and their careers. They will share their experiences and stories with you, as well as advice for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Executive Mentor Roundtable

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Learn what it takes to become a successful business professional from a roundtable of accomplished executives in each of these career areas. They will share their stories to success, key leadership traits, how to find a mentor and advice for DECA members as they prepare for college and careers.

Leadership Lessons from Geekdom

It’s time to geek out! In this virtual session led by Matt Meuleners, you will learn about the quirky subcultures and communities born out of the fixation of various interests, uncover the powerful success behaviors geeks exhibit, and find practical guidance as an emerging leader and how to tap into strengths in your teams

DECA Talks + Discussion Guides

DECA Talks are a series of thought-provoking messages delivered by current and former executive officers. Whether you’re looking for advice on connecting with others, a roadmap to achieving your goals or tips for overcoming setbacks, DECA Talks provide a 10-15 minute dose of thought-provoking inspiration.

DECA is pleased to provide discussion guides for each DECA Talk. After watching each DECA Talk, these discussion guides can be used as:

  • A guide to classroom discussion
  • A written reflection by DECA members
  • A guide to small group discussion

VIRTUAL BONUS: These learning activities can also be used for virtual instruction. DECA advisors may wish to assign a specific DECA Talk and then create a discussion board with the questions as prompts.

Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research and Popular Brands

Virtually bring a research analyst to your (virtual or in-person) classroom on-demand!
In a 25-minute video presentation, Erinn Murphy with Piper Sandler discusses marketing research and key findings from the most recent Gen Z research study. In addition to the guest lecturer, DECA has provided a lesson plan featuring the Piper Sandler Taking Stock with Teens market research survey. Your students will participate in an actual marketing research study.

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

  • Explain the concept of market and market identification.
  • Explain the factors that influence customer buying behavior.
  • Describe the need for marketing data.
  • Describe the use of technology in the marketing-information management function.
  • Explain the characteristics of effective data-collection instruments.



To support CTE educators with the transition to socially distanced, remote and blended/hybrid learning environments, ACTE is pleased to offer:

  • 150+ online CTE Learn courses through ACTE and MaxKnowledge. Courses cover a range of topics, including teaching CTE remotely, and are self-paced. Each course takes approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • ACTE’s guide to help CTE educators prepare for delivering CTE in the new school year, High-quality CTE: Planning for a COVID-19-Impacted School Year
  • ACTE recently wrapped up a series of webinars to further dive into 2021-21 planning. View the recordings.

For additional resources that ACTE compiled during spring 2020 to support CTE educators, click here.


BusinessU has a partnership with MBA Research and delivers the MBA LAPs and course guides via nine ready-to-teach courses that are fully loaded, sequenced and daily-paced. On the platform, you can easily move/add content or build your own course. The platform auto-grades, uses real-time rubrics, incorporates standards-based student analytics, has a project/group management tool, includes teacher guides and has millisecond load speeds.

BusinessU is also offering a DECA discount on licenses for the school year. BusinessU is built for in-classroom delivery but can be used in an online-only capacity if needed. This means you will have continuity in the delivery of content no matter what next semester throws at you. All licenses include unlimited student IDs, 24/7 customer support and individual teacher training. Request a free trial or email michael@businessu.org if you have questions.

CATCH My Breath

Youth vaping is an epidemic. CATCH My Breath is the world’s first peer-reviewed and evidence-based youth nicotine vaping prevention program. Developed by researchers at The University of Texas School of Public Health, CATCH My Breath is proven to reduce experimentation with vaping by up to 45% among youth who have completed the program. The core curriculum is based on the Social Cognitive Theory and includes a peer-led learning component. The program consists of 4 lessons, designed for students in Grades 5-12, and is free to educators, parents, and community members to access via the CATCH My Breath website. 

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Competition University

Competition University’s Prep Track provides courses to help DECA competitors do their very best. This course will help students with their exams, role-play skills, confidence, and step-by-step instructions on completing prepared events. This course is available 24-7 for enrolled competitors. 

The Class Track for Marketing 101 is a time-saving, blend learning course for your Marketing Class. You will see enhanced learning and increased retention in your students. The Class Track is based on foundational competencies for high school marketing education. The CT provides online interactivity, visuals, and fun activities, but it provides structure and sequence. 

If you would like a guided tour of either or both of the courses, you can request one today by clicking the learn more button below.

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Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Bank

The Case Bank is an online library of simple, straightforward business cases focused on principle-based ethics. These resources are free to download for use in educational settings.

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Facebook Blueprint 2020 Webinar Sessions
Are you looking for new content, tools, case studies, and approaches to use in your classroom? 

Join us September – December 2020 for Facebook Blueprint’s webinar training sessions in Facebook’s free digital marketing skills training resources for both remote and in-person learning. The webinar sessions will include deep dives into Facebook Blueprint’s Educators Portal and how to integrate Facebook digital marketing skills into existing curricula. The portal provides real-world marketing experience and prepares students for a Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate Certification as a sign of marketing proficiency when entering the workforce.

  • September 24: Curriculum 1: Social Media Marketing: Understand and Engage with Your Audience
  • October 15: Curriculum 2: Facebook Advertising, Recognizing Misinformation Online & Launching a Career in Social Media Marketing
  • October 22: Curriculum 1: Social Media Marketing: Understand and Engage with Your Audience
  • November 3: Curriculum 2: Facebook Advertising, Recognizing Misinformation Online & Launching a Career in Social Media Marketing
  • December 8: Curriculum 1: Social Media Marketing: Understand and Engage with Your Audience

Sign up for your free webinar session. To access webinar registration, log in to your Educators Portal account. Don’t have an account? The Educators Portal is free. Register with your Facebook account to access free educational resources.


FIDM is happy to provide online resources for DECA’s educators. All of our Activities, Lesson Plans and Games That Teach are available here. Currently, an excellent lesson plan for students to do remotely is “Marketing a Brand through Social Media.” Each lesson plan activity consists of an objective, project guidelines, preparatory and follow-up exercises and suggested materials.

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Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

For instant access to interactive learning activities, the G-W Learning companion website has free resources that all students and teachers can use right now. Login instructions and training materials for our digital resources are available here.


Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is an excellent solution for distance learning!  Students in grades 6-12 can work virtually to lead, create and implement a project to meet a community need. Lead4Change offers equitable solutions for DECA students and advisors across all platforms through our printed, PDF or Google Doc lessons. Choose one or a combination to ensure all students have the lessons in a form they need to focus on school-from-home remote learning.

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MBA Research

Get access to over 72 ethics-focused LAPS at no cost thanks to Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative. Learn how to get them. Once there read “How to Access” to learn how to download for free. LAPs are comprehensive instructional packages that include all elements of a performance-oriented lesson plan. This LAP includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) that includes information about complying with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations, a (So What?) discussion of why it’s important to learn, and a short (Gray Zone) case addressing ethical issues. The instructor section features a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more. As an added bonus, instructors will receive a second version of the student guide—in color and designed specifically for use on electronic devices.

MBAResearch has been compiling teacher-vetted remote learning resources and COVID-19 “pivot” business articles with class discussion questions.


The Muscle Corps Program at the Muscular Dystrophy Association is rooted in our mission and our commitment to serving our young adults and community. This program gives students, advisors, and teachers the opportunity to positively impact the community. Our next session is set to launch this October.

Through the MDA Muscle Corps Program, students will grow and connect with our MDA community to think ethically and use innovation to solve problems with the skills they acquire. As a result, students learn to embrace servant leadership and social change as professional and personal philosophies.

Video Message Promotional Flyer


  • Interactive/Live: Weekly online course content (SharePoint), group chat (Teams), optional networking/debrief (Ring Central)
  • On-Demand: Online course content (SharePoint)

Topics & Dates for Interactive/Live Session:

  • Week 1: Lead with Purpose (10/5 – 10/9)
  • Week 2: Success in Sales & Cause Raising (10/12 – 10/16)
  • Week 3: Social Influencing for Good (10/19 – 10/23)
  • Week 4: Wrap Up & Final Project (10/26 – 10/30)

Benefits of the Program:

  • Students will earn 40 hours of community service upon completion of the program.
  • Teachers are provided four weeks of course content and activities to facilitate on-demand with students.
  • Enhance capacity, ability, and skills in intellectual development (e.g., problem-solving), basic skills acquisition (e.g., communication), career preparation and personal growth.
  • Build relationships, value a sense of community and gain self-awareness.
  • Impact MDA mission by cause raising $500/student.

Register for the fall session by September 25, 2020.

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National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning, a Cengage company is providing all U.S. K12 teachers with access to our learning platforms with media, auto-graded assessment and eBooks. Additionally, we will extend access for current digital users, and provide training and support for educators transitioning to online teaching. These resources include MindTap for Century21 Accounting and the Shelly Cashman Series for Office 2016 and 2019 and hundreds of other course areas in CTE. Explore titles by career cluster and request access from our National CTE page.

Learn about free tools for teaching online from our author, Corinne Hoisington’s webinar recording on using Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, Google Lens app and more.

National Retail Federation

Job Opportunities – The NRF has compiled a list of job opportunities for workers displaced by COVID-19 and has made access to five on-demand videos by retail executives available.

RISE Up Training – The RISE Up program comprises three industry-recognized credentials that offer up to 30 hours of online content, delivering foundational skills that are useful in any career. Send questions to RISEUp@nrf.com.

The National Society of High School Scholars

NSHSS launched a resource page with content designed to help students maintain a high-achieving mindset during this time, including all our regular scholarships and a host of webinars and virtual events, several blogs, and more.


Connect with SCAD Virtually – SCAD is offering a special opportunity for DECA students to connect with SCAD executives to discuss their challenge presentation and get feedback to perfect their pitch. SCAD staff also is available to discuss the university’s 100+ degree programs that prepare you for creative career opportunities. To schedule a meeting, email Jennifer Jaquillard, Executive Director of Admission Recruitment, at jjaquill@scad.edu. You may also join SCAD for a virtual tour.

Watch the virtual workshop on Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Strategies for Luxury Brands.


Activity Packet – SIFMA has created the “Stock Market Game Student Activity Packet” with a variety of tools to support financial education. Also, here’s access to a video, “Investing in a Bear Market”, which supports the student activity packet.

Vector Marketing

A hiring manager emails to tell you they’d like you to interview for your dream position — virtually. Now what? Watch this video to help you master your next virtual interview.

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