PiperJaffray & Co.

Member since 2005

Piper Jaffray is one of DECA’s most important business partners and has served on our National Advisory Board since 2005. Together, Piper Jaffray and DECA have worked to:

  • Promote the next generations’ workforce in finance.
  • Promote Piper Jaffray's national "Teen Opinion" research as a dynamic learning opportunity that supports classroom teaching, student achievement - and overall college and career readiness.

The Piper Jaffray/DECA Teen Opinion Survey is available, online, every September and March. After your students have taken the survey, and the survey month closes, check back to find the final report. This is a tremendous classroom activity to demonstrate research principles, activities, analysis and consumption.

Please make sure your students take the Fall Survey every September and the Spring Survey every March. And check back for the results!

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Assistant Executive Director of Corporate & External Affairs
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