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Collegiate DECA Welcome Back Mailing


Welcome Back

DECA Staff and your national officers welcome you to Collegiate DECA 2012-13, and challenge your chapter to thrive this school year. While a packet is coming in the mail to all advisors in our membership system, we thought that providing this special web resource would not only give you access to the materials sooner, but also make it easier for you to share with your chapter leaders.

Further, while much of this is already on the web in other places, this brings it all together for you. In addition, the actual packet will include a few items (such as poster-size promotional pieces, that are not on this page).

Collegiate DECA Programs CD

This comprehensive CD includes information and resources about many of our programs, including competitive event guidelines, leadership programs, recognition and scholarships, and much more. Some of the pieces, especially new items, have also been highlighted below as attachments. Some of the key links are:

Additional Materials
Branding Guidelines: use of logos and more.
DECA Approved Vendors: for fund-raising and other chapter activities.
GEW Idea Challenge: challenging the creativity of our members.

Posters and Flyers
Student Recruitment Poster
Calendar Poster for Collegiate and High School DECA: SPONSORED BY FIDM
NAPA Scholarship Poster
Scholarship Poster
Flyer of Collegiate DECA Corporate Supporters
DECA Images Flyer
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