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Vote for DECA in the Classy Awards

DECA is a final nominee in the 4th Annual Classy Awards, the largest philanthropic awards in the country!

Please show your support for DECA and vote today to help us highlight the impact DECA has made on millions of students!

Voting just takes a few steps.

  • Click on this link http://www.stayclassy.org/classy-awards/vote
  • Select the EAST region
  • Scroll down to the Educational Advancement Category
  • Select DECA Inc.
  • Click "Submit My Final Ballot" to then login through Facebook or create a StayClassy account to finish submitting your vote.

Once you've voted, please help us out by sharing the message as well through your social networks!

This award is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the nonprofit industry. It will help recognize DECA as an industry leader in educational advancement and will gain great exposure for DECA.

Thanks for your support!
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