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DECA Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference

A blend of workshops and competition, DECA’s Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference is a springboard for DECA members to unleash their ideas. The conference will culminate DECA’s global celebration of a hot topic in a visionary city as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Along the way, a variety of industry experts will share innovative knowledge on product ideation, financing, marketing, social entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship and more.

This conference will reinforce entrepreneurial concepts taught in marketing and business classes. Participation in this conference will help students understand the concepts, processes and skills associated with identifying new ideas, opportunities, and methods and with creating or starting a new project or venture through:
  • employing entrepreneurial discovery strategies to generate feasible ideas for business ventures
  • developing concepts for new business venture to evaluate its success potential
  • determining needed resources for a new business venture to contribute to its start-up viability

Entrepreneurship standards from the National Curriculum Standards for Business Administration, 2005.

Event Details

  • date: Nov 21, 2014 – Nov 23, 2014
  • location: Washington, DC
design & development: Fathom Creative, Inc. (fathomcreative.com), Maribel Costa, Anthony D. Paul (anthonydpaul), Brent Maxwell, Efrat Levush, Shelli Silverstein, Byron Hughey