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DECA / FIDM Challenge


Participants in the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Challenge will translate a seasonal fashion trend into a “look” depicting the researched fashion forecast.


First, participants in the FIDM Challenge will forecast a fashion trend for fall/autumn 2015.

Second, participants will style an outfit that your demographic (consumer) would wear depicting this up and coming trend. Show us an example of your trend. You may spend no more than $20 total on materials. You can also create the “trend/look” from your closet.

Third, participants must explain why, based on their research, they believe in their trend forecast.

Video presentations will be posted on YouTube for evaluation. Videos over five minutes in length will not be evaluated and will not be eligible for awards. Video presentations will be evaluated on resources, trend/look, creativity, and on the overall look, style and feel of the video presentation. For more information on what to include in the video, please see the section entitled “Video Components.” Challenge participant/s will make presentations to FIDM executives and instructors via videos posted on YouTube.

Interested chapters must fully complete and submit the attached registration form no later than February 6, 2015 to be eligible for awards. Late entries will not be accepted.

FIDM will evaluate all submitted video presentations and select the top three overall teams. From the final three videos, an overall winning team will be selected. The trend/look of the grand prize winning team will be shown at the International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida.

DECA Inc. and FIDM are not responsible for lost, damaged, mislabeled or misdirected entries.


Teams of up to three (3) DECA members may participate in the presentation. Chapters may submit multiple entries for consideration. Eligibility to attend the international conference is determined by the state/provincial associations, based on their policies. Finalists should consult with their state/provincial advisor for eligibility guidelines.


The top three teams will be recognized on stage at DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. The overall winning team will be awarded a travel stipend to attend DECA’s International Career Development Conference.


September 2014 - Challenge announced

February 6, 2015 - Challenge registration deadline / Video posted deadline

March 9, 2015 - Top 3 teams announced

April 25-28, 2015 - Winning participant (or participant team) travels to ICDC (Orlando, FL)


All video entries should contain:

Create a trend “look” for the upcoming fall/autumn 2015 season. You will be looking at the colors, fabrics, and styles for that season.

1. Resources
a. Discussion of target customer:
Please include and describe the target market, demographics and psychographics.
• Demographics include: age, gender, race, income range, education, and/or occupation.
• Psychographics refers to personality traits such as: values, interests, and information such as leisure activities and hobbies

b. Inspiration/Trend Research/Forecast:
Look at the styles around you for inspiration. From photographs of fashion you see on the streets, in stores, fashion magazines, fashion blogs and websites that feature runway collections.
Gather evidence depicting your trends.

2. Trend/look:
a. Show us an example of your trend. You may spend no more than $20 total on materials. You can also create the “trend/look” from your closet.

3. Overall look, style and feel of the video presentation:
a. Video evidence of the trend—from selection, to creativity, to completion of “the look.”


Resources: Discussion of Target Market (20 Possible Points)

Resources: Inspiration/Trend, Research/Forecast (20 Possible Points)

“The Trend/Look” (20 Possible Points)

Creativity (20 Possible Points)

Overall Look, Style, and Feel of Video Presentation (20 Possible Points)

Event Details

  • date: Feb 6, 2015
design & development: Fathom Creative, Inc. (fathomcreative.com), Maribel Costa, Anthony D. Paul (anthonydpaul), Brent Maxwell, Efrat Levush, Shelli Silverstein, Byron Hughey