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Key Contacts

Executive Director

Ed Davis
Executive Director
Paul Wardinski
Deputy Executive Director
Shirlee Kyle
Assistant to the Executive Director
Richard Williams

High School Programs + Conferences

Christopher Young
Director, High School Division
Sandra Tucker
Assistant Director, High School Division

Collegiate Programs + Conferences

Jeff Collins
Assistant Executive Director

Competitive Events + School Based Enterprises

Shane Thomas
Director of Competitive Events
Randi Bibiano
Competitive Events Specialist
Lori Tran
Program Assistant, Competitive Events and School-Based Enterprises

Corporate + External Affairs

John Fistolera
Assistant Executive Director of Corporate & External Affairs
Cindy Allen
Director of Corporate Affairs
Vina Hutchinson
Assistant Director of Corporate Affairs
Nick Edwards
Assistant Director of Corporate Affairs
Kathy Onion
Corporate & External Affairs Assistant

Data Management + Membership

Anne Farrell
Director of Data Management
Ayanle Samantar
Conference Registration Specialist
Leyla Hosh
Membership Specialist


Carol Borskey
Professional Development Specialist
Adrienne Grant
Education Programs Specialist


Patrick Cheney
Director of Finance and Administration
Rita Ball
Accounts Payable Assistant


Julie Kandik
Director of DECA Images
Jackie Crichton
Customer Service Representative
Kristie Creel
Administrative Assistant
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Phone: (703) 860-5000
Fax: (703) 860-4013
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