Collegiate DECA Conferences

Conferences are an important part of the year, integrating skills learned in the classroom into real world experiences. We provide our members opportunities for both personal and professional growth through leadership development, community involvement and competitive events. Our conferences provide members unique access to internships, scholarships, and professional networking.

All conferences highlight the guiding principles of DECA:

  • Connects to Business
  • Promotes Competition
  • Applies Learning
  • Integrates into Classroom Instruction

Collegiate Leadership Academy

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Collegiate DECA members looking to enhance their leadership skills are invited to attend the Collegiate Leadership Academy (CLA). Sponsored by Collegiate DECA, the CLA is held each fall in New York City.

Association Fall Leadership Conferences

Many states and provincial associations offer leadership development experiences in the fall. Contact your executive officer to learn about the leadership opportunities for your chapter.

Association Career Development Conferences

Competitive event conferences are offered in the spring, hosted by many state/provincial associations. At these conferences student members compete to earn the right to attend the International Career Development Conference. Contact your executive officer to learn about competitive event opportunities for your chapter.

International Career Development Conference

Nearly 2,000 students, advisors, alumni and business professionals gather for several days of networking, leadership development and competition. Teams from colleges and universities throughout North America showcase the skills they have acquired in the classroom through Competitive Events, National Management Institute, Culinary Management Institute, and the Entrepreneurship Challenge. The top teams and individuals are recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Students also participate in one of six Professional Development Academies, including business and industry career seminars, discussions, and professional networking.

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