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The Importance of Enthusiasm

For those of you who were at the Emerging Leaders Summit, you know what it feels like to be in a room full of enthusiastic DECA members having a huge dance party to some of the hottest hits; people are busting moves, taking videos to share with their friends and suddenly there’s that dreaded cut in music and everyone knows it’s time to get back to work. What do you do next? The energy is high, people are engaged and you want to keep the excitement flowing. You must lead with enthusiasm. You can’t start talking about the next agenda item as if it’s a boring meeting topic (even if it is). Bringing enthusiasm and energy to your meetings is what will keep you and your team sharp, innovative and mindful of the DECA member ready to have a great time. Sometimes I like to say “corny is the new cool.” What I mean by this is if you embrace an idea, demonstrate your own passion for it and encourage other DECA members to have a positive attitude as well, then everyone will enjoy their experience. As DECA members, we have the duty to lead our members in fun, exciting and rewarding experiences. Bring your enthusiasm to every meeting, conference or event, and in doing so inspire enthusiasm in your fellow DECA members!
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