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It's DECA Month - Let's Get Excited!


When I first joined DECA, I didn’t entirely appreciate the incredible excitement that DECA Week generated. However, my DECA experiences over the past three years have shown me why there is so much excitement. I can proudly say I have become a Grade A DECA Geek. DECA has allowed me the opportunity to have experiences early in life that I would not have had otherwise, including traveling internationally and networking with company leaders nationwide. DECA is truly an amazing organization, so it will come as no surprise that I nearly jumped out of my seat when I learned that DECA Week had been changed to DECA Month! One week of celebrating DECA is great, but a whole month is bliss! I hope you share my same excitement for DECA Month and look forward to seeing how you celebrate through DECA’s various social media outlets.

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